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Valentin Gledel



Mail :
valentin.gledel at
Adress :
MIT-huset, MIT.D.355
Umeå universitet
901 87 Umeå, Sweden

Some friends

I am currently a teaching assistant at University Grenoble Alpes and a member of the team OC at the G-SCOP laboratory.

I recently finished my PhD at University Lyon 1. My PhD focused on the study of domination problems in graphs. I was doing it under the direction of Eric Duchêne and Aline Parreau. One can find an extended abstract of manuscript here and the slides of the defense here.

Research thematics

I mainly study the covering of vertices in graphs with problems like the Power domination and Strong geodetic number. I'm also interested in games in graphs, in particular combinatorial games and maker-breaker games.
You can find a list of my publications here.

Research projects

I am a member of the ANR GAG (Graphs And Games) which combines combinatorial games and graphs.


I am teaching computer science at University Grenoble Alpes. I am teaching the course "Graph Theory and Complexity" and I supervise practical sessions for the courses "Operations Research" and "Languages and Automata". Formerly, I was teaching computer science at University Lyon 1. I supervised practical sessions for the courses "Algorithmic Imperative programming, Initiation", "Architecture and systems" and "Databases and Web programming", and exercise sessions for the courses "Optimisation and Operational Research" et "Algorithms and Object Oriented Programming".

Scientific Popularization

With the association MATh.en.JEANS, I give research subjects to highschooler for them to work on and study during a year.
I also run some discrete maths work groups with Maths à Modeler at diverse occasions and in particular during the science festival at University Lyon 1.